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Fitness Bundle

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Core Protein (Flavor):
Hydration Support (Flavor):

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Step up your fitness game with our Fitness Bundle to experience the ultimate synergy of energy, strength, endurance, hydration, and recovery.

Bundle Formulas Included: Core Protein, Hydration Support, & Muscle Repair

Push your fitness to the next level with our Fitness Bundle, a trio of performance-boosting supplements for optimal training and swift recovery. Comprising Muscle Repair Formula, Hydration Powder, and Core Protein, this bundle supports muscle repair, alleviates delayed onset muscle soreness, and mitigates muscle breakdown.

Crafted for consumption pre- and post-workout, this bundle provides the essential nutrients to maximize your training, fueling energy and replenishing glycogen stores. The Muscle Repair formula is rich in amino acids, enhancing blood flow, protein synthesis, and various metabolic functions for improved exercise performance.

Our performance-enhancing ingredients, including creatine, L Citrulline Malate, BCAA’s, Alpha-GPC, foster physical performance and muscle. They also include the proper electrolyte balance with Taurine and L-Carnosine and synergistically promote optimal hydration, crucial for athletic performance, muscle contraction, and cell functionality.

Key benefits of the Fitness Bundle are:

  • Muscle repair and recovery
  • Support for lean body mass
  • Boosted energy metabolism
  • High-powered hydration nutrients
  • Facilitation of healthy cell function and muscle contraction
  • Complete protein source with all essential amino acids
  • Easy absorption/digestion with zero lactose or dairy
  • Promotion of anabolic response to resistance training, fostering muscular development
  • Potential reduction in muscle protein breakdown during prolonged aerobic activities
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