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Podcasts & Interviews

Peak Performance

Dr. Ryan Lazarus shares "The Lazarus Method", a functional medicine approach he's used to help thousands of patients lose weight, improve their health (verified by blood test results), and fix imbalances.


Nephrotic Podcast

The Power of Functional Medicine - A conversation with Dr. Ryan Lazarus.


eTeam Performance Podcast

Health & Wellness during a Pandemic with Dr. Ryan Lazarus.


Quantum Podcast

How to serve your purpose in a radically changing world with Dr. Ryan Lazarus.


Recent Speaking Engagements

Functional Neurology and Neuro-immune Controls

Ryan Lazarus, DC, discusses the concept of functional neurology, the relationship between the nervous and immune system, the epigenetic influence on the neuroimmune system, and various lifestyle and nutrient therapies for support.

Autoimmunity Functional Medicine Approach: Dr. Ryan Lazarus MSc, CNS, DC

There is a silent epidemic in the United States. It has increased three-fold and affects 50-70 million people. There are over 100 types of it: autoimmune disease (AI). Dr. Lazarus examines the overwhelming impact AI is having on people all over our country.

Resolving Inflammation: Dr. Ryan Lazarus MSc, CNS, DC

Ryan Lazarus, contrasts conventional vs. Functional medicine approaches in the treatment of chronic inflammation, one of the most common chemical imbalances patients are facing today.

What is the Ketogenic Diet and How Does It Support Anti-Aging?

In Dr. Lazarus’ talk on the ketone diet and anti-aging, he examines the body of research that demonstrate how the ketogenic food program effectively treats many metabolic conditions including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

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