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Dr. Ryan Lazarus

From Tragedy, to Strategy to Advocacy

At age 18, Dr. Ryan Lazarus' life took a drastic turn when he faced a near-death experience in a devastating accident that crushed his organs. For years, he grappled with life-altering health issues, including diabetes, digestive failure, and depression, each day presenting a new battle to be fought. But he refused to accept defeat. After years of relentless pain and struggle, he mustered the courage and determination to seize control of his own health journey. He delved into the realms of functional medicine, nutrition, and fitness, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and tools that enabled him to forge his own path to recovery.

This transformative experience inspired him to create The Lazarus Method—a powerful combination of his personal struggles and the invaluable lessons he learned along the way. The Lazarus Method empowers you to take charge of your health and rewrite your own destiny, embracing the second chance you deserve. The Lazarus Method is your opportunity to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to conquer your limitations and unleash your full potential. It is your time to seize control of your life, to break free from the shackles of just surviving and embrace the vibrant, thriving existence that awaits you.

Dr. Ryan Lazarus DC, MSc, CNS, IFMCP

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the Founder & Clinical Director at The Lazarus Method, LLC, Board-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Rehabilitation Specialist. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and was adjunct faculty for Metabolic Therapy at UWS. He currently serves as a Corporate Wellness Coach, Best Selling Author, and Functional Medicine Researcher, providing guidance to leading organizations in the health and performance sector.

Dr. Lazarus is currently an international speaker on personalized functional medicine and nutrition protocols to physicians in private practice as well as employees in the corporate setting. He offers every patient personalized nutrition and training protocols using comprehensive examinations, functional labs and genetic testing. His cutting-edge health protocols and lifestyle strategies have facilitated tremendous advantages for all his patients including professional athletes, high level executives and CEO’s and world record performance teams. His focus on mindfulness practice, stress management, training tactics, personalized supplementation and optimal nutrition has allowed each individual the ability to achieve their genetic potential and live their best life in optimal health.

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