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Over the span of nearly two decades, we've had the honor of coaching thousands of patients to improve their health through our programs.

Our loyal community brings together a wide variety of individuals, from those managing chronic diseases and conditions to high-level professional athletes and biohackers.

Check out their inspiring success stories that shape our community.

World Record Holder: Jason Caldwell
Former NFL Wide Reciever: Drew Bennett

"I have been fortunate enough to visit highly rated nutritionists and training centers all over the country. Dr. Lazarus is miles above anyone I had the chance to work with, both in knowledge of the entire body and implementation of health improvement plans."

CEO/Father: Peter Corsa

"Dr. Lazarus' expertise and positivity led to exceptional progress in my wellness journey. His personalized program, incorporating the 7 essential elements, revolutionized my approach to well-being and inspired long-lasting healthy habits. The Lazarus Method revealed the vital interconnectedness of well-being and the need to nurture all aspects.”

Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine: Dr. Leah Millheiser, MD, FACOG

"I’m a practicing Ob/Gyn and clinical assistant professor at an academic institution and appreciate evidence-based medical information. Dr. Lazarus is very knowledgeable about novel scientific research in the health space and communicates it effectively. I’ve learned relevant wellness information from him that I have incorporated into my own practice and I highly recommend him."

Mayor of Napa Valley, Yountville: John Dunbar
Teacher/MotherAmelia Caldwell
Singer, Songwriter: Skylar Grey

"Over the past four years, I've had the privilege of working with Dr. Lazarus, whose program and tailored exercises have been fundamental in supporting my high-demanding role, where feeling great and performing at peak is non-negotiable. His vast knowledge of health, coupled with his unique approach has been key in maintaining optimal health. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to boost their health, enhance performance, or improve their daily well-being.”

Sports Broadcaster/News Anchor: Nicole Zaloumis

"As a television broadcaster, being sharp and on top of my game is crucial! For over five years, I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lazarus, and I can't emphasize enough how much his method has positively impacted my life. His expertise in weight loss and metabolism strategies is remarkable, and the best part is that they're so simple!
Thanks to his personalized program and guidance, I now feel incredible and in complete control of my health. If you're looking for real solutions to upgrade your health, I highly recommend The Lazarus Method. It’s a total game changer!"

CrossFit Games Competitor: Ignacio Franco
"Working with Dr. Lazarus has seriously been a game-changer for me. He ran all these detailed tests, checked out my hormones, looked at what I was eating, and even sorted out my sleep routine. His top-notch supplements and custom food plans have made a huge difference, especially in my performance as a CrossFit competitor. I've never felt more energized or focused - it's like I've found a whole new gear I didn't even know I had!"

Mother/Freedom ScholarKami Wanous
Celebrity Fashion Model: Maggie Rizer

"I don’t think it’s possible to understand more about the makeup of my body chemistry than I do now. Dr. Ryan Lazarus took away the guessing game and broke down my health in a very clear and understandable way. I now know the information I need to maximize my overall health."

Father/Senior Success ArchitectMichael Podsiadly
Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Rob Campbell, DO

"Dr. Ryan Lazarus has an impressive knowledge of the human body and optimal nutrition. The Lazarus Method is different, simple, very effective and a must for anyone who's looking for a realsitic practical health gameplan."

Iron Man/Triathlete: Bryan Land
Wonderbread 5 Lead Singer: Jeff Fletcher

"I worked with Dr. Lazarus for many years. His guidance on health and nutrition was so important for me and our band members. His method helped me improve my diet and heal my body which was so important for my performance on stage."

Fire Captain/Father: Adam Costa

"Dr. Laz expertly identified my specific goals and crafted personalized strategies, introducing me to new wellness techniques without pressure. His approach allowed me to monitor my progress through concrete milestones, ensuring I felt confident in my journey towards better health."

Weight Loss Workshop
Gym Owner/Father: Travis Newton

"Since my wife and I have been going to Dr. Lazarus our quality of life has increased immensely! I believe Dr. Lazarus's best professional quality (at least what helped me the most) is his knowledge of nutrition. I struggled with a stomach ache my whole life. Dr. Lazarus educated me on the optimal diet. I have since then lost about ten pounds and do not have any stomach issues. Imagine living your whole life with stomach pain, simply changing what you eat and the pain goes away along with the weight. It's pretty amazing! Because of Dr. Lazarus's (and his wonderful staff) knowledge and sincere passion for spreading WELLNESS to others, my life is so much better. In a nutshell, if you go to Dr. Lazarus's, you will have a better quality of life."

Mother/ConsultantCeleste Gurule
College Student/Pre-Med: Lisa P.
Psychologist: Dr. Melissa Marrapese, PhD
VP of Operations at Alternative Telecom Solutions: Anthony Magro

"I've been a patient of Dr Lazarus since the time his practice opened. It has been a pleasure to work with him towards a healthy, pain free life. His attention to detail, and genuine concern for myself and other patients is hard to come by these days. His knowledge is overwhelming which makes me want to learn more myself. I get all my supplements, health & work out tips from Dr. Ryan and I highly recommend him to everybody."

KTVU Sports Anchor: Mark Ibanez
Strategist, Coach, Engineer: Anthony Narvaez

"Dr. Lazarus' personalized and collaborative approach to my wellness journey made me feel valued and understood. The progress belts effectively broke down tasks into manageable steps, while the 7 essential elements highlighted my strengths and areas needing balance. Dr. Lazarus is not only a fount of health knowledge, but also a true role model, inspiring me to pursue a vibrant and well-rounded lifestyle."

Holistic MotherChante Lazuna
Former MLB Pitcher: Michael Jones

"Dr. Lazarus's program has been transformative, elevating my performance by integrating personalized nutrition strategies with my strenuous athletic demands. His deep understanding of the complex relationship between diet and performance has not only boosted my physical capabilities but also improved my recovery and overall well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Lazarus to anyone seeking to reach their peak potential through scientifically grounded and individually tailored guidance."

Real Estate Agent/Mother: Cherie Blanco

"Dr. Ryan Lazarus is my all-time favorite healthcare professional. He is such a great listener and is passionate to help his clients achieve better health. The team in the front office are rockstars and always helpful and I love going there!"

Corporate Health & Performance Workshop
Golf Nutrition & Performance Workshop
Police Officer: Toni McIntosh
Retired US Army/Lecturer: William Chadwick

"As a career military officer, I appreciate precision and accuracy. Dr. Lazarus is a leader and has all the top values of integrity, honesty, compentency and passion. He is the most knowledgeable doctor I know regarding nutrition and an exemplary role model for health and wellness."

Music Artist: Elliott Taylor

"Dr. Lazarus took time and patience to listen and understand my entire history and was able to then crack codes that I struggled with for my entire life. During my program, he gave me extreme high quality personal attention and dedication to helping me in every way possible. All his fitness supplements were top of the line and amazing!"

Account Executive at KSBY: Christine Tomlinson

"I have been a patient with Dr. Ryan Lazarus since he started his practice in Napa. Throughout the years, as he has developed his practice, he taught me about functional medicine and he is extremely passionate about his patients living their best, healthiest lives and he has devoted his life to that end. I have autoimmune issues and have struggled with a plethora of related problems and Dr. Ryan has been there supporting me with strategies the whole time. His method is fantastic on how to live with balance and real, achievable, slow and steady life changes that stick. I love his staff too! And in all the years I have been with this practice I have never had anything but a professional experience."

Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Winemaker: Paula Moulton

"Dr. Lazarus's impressive understanding about the body and empathetic nature have been pivotal in my journey towards my health. His holistic approach, addressing not only my digestive issues, sleep issues, and fatigue, but also honing in on my life goals and aspirations, has completely transformed my perspective on success. I highly recommend him and confident in the life-changing benefits his guidance can bring to everybody."

Fitness Coach & Wellness Seeker:

Elizabeth Champion

VP of Palmer Electric: Ken Pirozzoli

"I participated in the Lazarus Method program targeting weight loss and fatigue in 2022. Its core principles and essential elements for health profoundly influenced my life. Using the tools provided by The Lazarus Method, I was able to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The results were phenomenal - I shed 53 pounds and have never felt better. I fully endorse this program to anyone seeking a transformative health experience."

Real Estate Agent: Denise P.
Energy Healer: Dominic Quin-Harkin
PGA Golf Pro/Instructer: Jim Collins

"I participated in Dr. Lazarus's program and it was one of the best health experiences I’ve ever had. His knowledge in Functional Medicine and nutrition is amazing and the tools he used to personalize my plan was so unique. I lost 40 pounds, healed my body, reduced the brain fog, and improved my golf game. I’ve recommended him to many others, and they all have had great experiences like mine. He’s even provided great workshops for my students and high school golf team."

Father/Client Success Manager: David Low

"Dr. Lazarus is the most knowledgeable person I've ever met for health. He also explains it in such simple terms and is so motivating. I've lost 40 lbs and on my way to 40 more with his strategies. The Lazarus Method is different and there's nothing like it."
Lat35 Rowing World Record Team 

Mental Fitness Workshop

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