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The Power of Positive Visualization

The Power of Positive Visualization

There are tangible benefits that accompany allowing the brain to exert control over the body, particularly with positive visualization.

As a medical professional for nearly two decades Ryan Lazarus, MSc, CNS, IFMCP, DC, believes the mind controls the body. There is no separating the physical self from the control of the mental self. In study after study, control groups given sugar pills experience the same healing progress as the experimental groups given pharmaceutically enhanced counterparts. Why? Because the brain thinks the pill is real. Therefore, the body responds accordingly.

Cleaning Your Engine

The human mind is analogous to a car’s engine; engines have hundreds of moving parts. Friction is the death of physical objects. Even small amounts of abrasion over enough time will destroy anything on earth. That is why oil is so vitally important to a car’s engine. The same is true for the human body.

Under stress, the heart beats faster, minds race, and senses sharpen. Increased activity means increased friction and increased damage to the body. For a car, this damage is called “wear and tear.” For the human body, it is called “disease.”

When the mind detects a stressful environment, it springs into action. The mind begins secreting hormones, firing up various biological processes, and otherwise preparing to deal with whatever danger it seems to be perceiving.

While the mind does control the body, humans can control the mind. Maintaining control may require pharmaceutical support, but the brain does exist to serve humans, not the other way around. To avoid the negative effects of increased stress reactions, humans can embrace the power of positive visualization.

Visualizations for Health

Visualization in the medical sense is defined as habitually and ritualistically teaching the brain to respond differently to its environment. Establishing new habits for visualization may be the most important because it is an acquired skill.

Dr. Lazarus suggests that when visualizing, consider how to walk, talk, think, and act in a way to achieve certain goals. Make it as vivid as possible.

When focused on a goal, the mind will automatically work to provide solutions. This type of focused intent will help remove doubt and uncertainty from the thought process. While visualizing, focused thinking reinforces so that unproductive thoughts become less distracting.

Moving towards a goal always means taking action, and visualization is just a tool for taking the correct action. Incredible things can come from creative visualization after learning to pay attention to intuition. Like any other exercise, it will take practice, discipline, and commitment to improve calmness, healthiness, and functioning.

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